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    Good news! China Food Daily Shandong Food Industry and Jinan Food Expo reached strategic cooperation


    Good news! Good news! Good news!

    Shandong Food Industry, China Food Daily, was officially stationed at the Lucui Food Culture Festival and the 7th China (Jinan) Food Industry Expo in 2019.
    On May 23, 2019, Cui Gang, general manager of Jinan Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd., visited Ma stationmaster of Shandong Food Industry, a Chinese food newspaper. Through communication and exchanges between the two sides, a cooperative relationship was reached. Shandong Food Industry, a Chinese food newspaper, will be one of the organizers to participate in the recruitment and investment work before the Jinan Food Expo.

    China Food Daily

    Founded in 1984, China Food Daily belongs to China Light Industry Federation (formerly Ministry of Light Industry), and is the only professional newspaper in China's food industry. Published daily on 1 January 2001.

    Purpose of running a newspaper

    Build a service platform to promote the development of food industry.

    Guidelines for running newspapers

    Based on industry, market-oriented, diversified communication, innovation and win-win situation.

    Publication positioning

    The main tasks of China Food Daily are to publicize the policies and policies of the Party and the state in developing the food industry, introduce the advanced experience of domestic and foreign food enterprises, disseminate various information of the food industry, and guide and promote the healthy development of food production, circulation and consumption.

    The readership of China Food Daily is: national food processing and manufacturing enterprises, food machinery and packaging enterprises, food raw and auxiliary materials and food additives enterprises, large and medium-sized food stores and supermarkets, professional food wholesale markets, professional food distributors, catering industry practitioners, central state organs and local-related. Government functional departments, relevant food industry associations, major scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and mass consumers.

    Official website

    "China Food Newspaper Network" is the only official news website of China Food Newspaper. It will continue the traditional newspaper idea of Chinese Food Newspaper, integrate and innovate the advantages of network science and technology, disseminate advanced culture, and become a new media in the food industry.

    Forms of Cooperation between China Food Daily and the Government

    As a close relationship between China Food Daily and Food and Drug Administration, it assists Food and Drug Administration in supervising food safety issues in food enterprises. At the same time, it also pays close attention to the activities of relevant departments such as the government, and serves as an important support for government departments by the state media.

    Cooperation Forms between China Food Daily and Hotels and Food Enterprises

    As the national government functional media with the authority of coffin-coffin conclusion, it can give hotels and business units positive and comprehensive reports, can give enterprises official endorsement, can achieve media publicity, media matrix publicity. Enterprises can achieve brand effect in a short time.

    In line with the business philosophy of making customers do business more convenient through the exhibition, Jinan Food Expo will make every effort to increase investment, organize the exhibition according to the principle of "government guidance, market operation". We will make every effort to build an important professional exhibition trading platform in the northern region, focusing on new products, new technologies and new technologies, so that every one of them can enjoy the opportunity. Every participant has a reward.

    Let more excellent enterprises show on the exhibition platform, really help the exhibitors to do business through the exhibition more conveniently, help the industry to develop and promote catering upgrading. On September 27-29, Jinan West International Convention and Exhibition Center looks forward to your visit. Jinan gathered wisdom and set sail for a feast in Quancheng.

    China (Jinan) 7th Jinan Catering Industry Expo 2019

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