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    Guangdong, a big food province, ranks second, and the number one must be it!


    Chinese food culture is extensive and profound. When it comes to "eating", friends from east, west, north and South have their own home cuisine to show off. Which local cuisine is the best to eat, where the most appreciated by the diners, these are also the topics frequently debated by netizens everywhere.

    On July 3, the "Annual Report of China's Catering Industry 2019" was officially released. At least at the level of catering consumption, the provinces finally ranked "seats".

    The data show that Shandong people are the most able to "eat" in the catering income of all provinces in 2018, with a catering scale of 399.5 billion yuan, becoming the largest catering Province in China, while Guangdong, the traditional "big food province", ranks second.

    In addition, the report also points out that the overall scale of the catering industry continues to expand, and large and medium-sized enterprises are still in the stage of continuous expansion, with an average growth rate of 12.6%.

    Ranking of major food-eating provinces: Shandong first, Guangdong second

    In China's catering revenue rankings of provinces, districts and cities, Shandong Province became the largest catering province in China with a catering scale of 399.5 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 10.9% over the same period last year.

    Guangdong, the traditional "big food province", ranked second with a catering income of 388.46 billion yuan. Jiangsu and Hebei ranked third and fourth, reaching 343.05 billion yuan and 312.56 billion yuan respectively, with each of the four provinces exceeding 300 billion yuan.

    Sichuan, a big hot pot province, ate 280.74 billion yuan last year, ranking only sixth. Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin ranked 16th, 17th and 18th with 110.18 billion yuan, 109.99 billion yuan and 102 billion yuan respectively, of which Shanghai's catering income increased 4.2% year on year last year, ranking bottom among 31 provinces (districts and municipalities).

    The top ten provinces'catering income accounts for 66% of the national catering income, which plays a decisive role in the national catering industry. Thanks to the great attention paid by local governments to the development of catering industry, the catering brands and talents in these provinces and cities have made remarkable progress.

    Faced with such a vast market, are you still unmoved? Now there is a fast way to enter Shandong market - China Lucuisine Cuisine Culture Festival and the 7th China (Jinan) Catering Industry Expo, 2019. You are in charge of the "Meimei" exhibition. I am in charge of the invitation of professional audiences, so that you can make your trip worthwhile.

    The Expo is supported by Shandong Business Department and Jinan Municipal People's Government. It is co-sponsored by China Hotel Association, China Food Daily Shandong Food Industry and Jinan Business Bureau.

    China Hotel Association is a national first-level industry association. It serves enterprises in the hotel and catering industry, related colleges, suppliers and enterprises in the industrial chain. It has more than 10,000 members. Jinan Business Bureau undertakes the management of catering, accommodation and other industries, and is responsible for promoting the standardization, industrialization and internationalization of Shandong cuisine and famous snacks.

    In order to promote the catering culture, promote the upgrading of catering consumption, and help build "the city of Shandong cuisine and gourmet food in China", many units jointly organized the 2009 Jinan Food Expo, which will continue to be held every September and become the annual grand event of the catering industry in China.

    Jinan Food Expo 2019 will open four exhibition halls with an exhibition area of nearly 50,000 square meters. It is expected that 1,200 exhibitors will be stationed. This exhibition is divided into eight exhibition areas according to the categories of exhibitions, namely, raw and auxiliary materials exhibition area, condiments and condiments exhibition area, hot pot food materials and supplies exhibition area, condiments exhibition area, aquatic seafood exhibition area, catering equipment and packaging exhibition area, beverage and catering Franchise Exhibition area, featured snack exhibition area, etc. It is easy for purchasers to buy all the products in one-stop shop.

    In accordance with the principle of "government guidance and market operation", Jinan Food Expo strives to build an important and specialized trade platform in the northern region, focusing on new products, new technologies and new technologies, helping exhibitors to do business more conveniently through the exhibition, boosting industry development and boosting food and beverage upgrading. Jinan West International, 27-29 September The Convention and Exhibition Center looks forward to your coming. Jinan gathered wisdom and set sail for a feast in Quancheng.

    China (Jinan) 7th Jinan Catering Industry Expo 2019

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