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    What impact will the coming of 5G era have on the development of catering industry?


    In the first year of 5G in 2019, 5G is no longer a concept. Small-scale commerce has begun one after another. 5G is rapidly entering and affecting our lives. At the beginning of this year, Huawei and Shanghai Mobile jointly launched the construction of 5G railway station. In April, Huawei and Shenzhen OCT Intercontinental Hotel jointly launched the first 5G intelligent hotel in the world. In May, 5G shopping mall was opened in Shanghai. It can be said that the curtain of 5G commercial scale has been opened.

    The arrival of 5G will change all walks of life, catering industry is no exception, mainly reflected in the perfect upgrade of dining environment, payment scenario and food traceability. The following aspects are concerned:

    1. Catering Marketing

    Nowadays, most restaurants attract customers through paper color pages, especially in large shopping malls. This marketing method will be eliminated in the future 5G era. Through 5G intelligent technology, when customers arrive at the restaurant, they will automatically send restaurant information. This technology is called intelligent fence, by perceiving a certain range of equipment. Send out the corresponding information.

    2. Dining Scene

    Dinner ordering is a prominent performance scenario of 5G function. 5G "everything interconnection" technology can break through the predicament of ordering, especially the automation and artificial intelligence of equipment in catering production area and service area.

    In the catering consumption scenario, several key links such as restaurant selection, ordering, dining, dining, payment and feedback after meals can be connected. Mobile phones or some other terminal can be used as an interactive control center. All devices are interconnected, and operators do not need to go back and forth to make products.

    3. Payment scenario

    Based on the "super application" such as Alipay and WeChat, cash free transactions allow every bill to have data to check. The problem of cash loopholes that has been plaguing the catering industry's financial management has been solved. However, scanning payment is still based on two-dimensional technology, and there are still some problems, such as stealing brushes.

    After 5G commercial application, the verification technology of "three-dimensional" can be verified by face, which realizes more convenient, rapid and interactive "face-brushing payment". It not only ensures that every payment is safe, but also derives other marketing methods through the face-brushing link.
    4. Service at meal

    All restaurant services are integrated in this intelligent system, you can view the real-time production of their own dishes screen, can also communicate with the chef in real time, to achieve the transparent state of the whole process.

    5. Vegetable management

    Restaurants themselves can also benefit from 5G technology, such as real-time monitoring of the shelf life of various dishes, through customer ordering, they can make their own initial processing of dishes, greatly reducing unnecessary steps.

    At present, the design of "bright kitchen stove" is not surprising. In 5G environment, besides tracing the source of food materials, we can also use 5G Intelligent Central Cooking Internet of Things to take ultra-high definition photographs of catering enterprises. Combining with image spectrum technology, we can judge the behavior of operators and correct errors

    In addition, UAV and UAV technology will land well in 5G environment, and take-out and meal delivery can also be handled by UAV. Food distribution is faster and more accurate, which can also improve the overall level of food safety.

    The 7th Jinan Food and Beverage Industry Expo was held in the Western Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 27 to 29. It will give you more information about the development trend of the food and beverage industry and related food and beverage purchasing knowledge.

    China (Jinan) 7th Jinan Catering Industry Expo 2019

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